Brands that respond
best, do

CX Lavender can help.

Crises of global scale like COVID-19 leave an indelible mark on customers, who start to reset their values and priorities for a life beyond what they’ve experienced. We’ve learned from two decades in crisis customer management, that those brands who respond best, do best.

Decades of learning, ready to share.
Y2K; The Global Financial Crisis; and now COVID-19; we’ve been helping Australia’s biggest brands manage their customers in times of crisis for more than two decades. We have a proven model for doing this successfully, and we could do it for you.
6 pillars to retain customers.
Right now, we’re using our 6 pillars of COVID-19 Solution CX to help some of Australia’s leading brands keep their customers cared for and retained during these times. If your brand needs to shift CX, whether in crisis or other times of change, we’re experts.
What CX Lavender will do to support you through COVID-19.
1. Digital service

With end-to-end capability across strategy, technology, data and creative delivery, we will rapidly and iteratively improve your digital service capability and customer experience, augmenting it with SMS and voice led channels to meet the needs of all customers including the vulnerable or elderly.

2. Product realignment

Help you quickly adapt and reassemble your product and service offering to fit the COVID-19 situation. With the support of customer research we will assess which of your products and services have new value that can be leveraged and how others should be altered to thrive.

3. Brand EQ

Tonally adapt your critical service and marketing communication to show sensitivity to the current situation, quickly, cost-effectively and at scale. This includes the writing of simple, easy to follow communication guidelines and the implementation of rewrite and redesign at scale, supported by our auto-creation software.

4. Data triage

Grade how contactable your customers are and assess your level of customer risk without face-to-face channels. We will provide a plan, with implementation support if needed, for increasing multi-channel contactability, progressive customer profiling and digital service readiness.

5. Employee engagement

Redefine the role of customers facing employees in a situation where face to face channels are temporarily not workable. We’ll provide approaches for how you utilise their skills to continue to deliver exceptional customer service, and how you empower them to continue to represent your brand promise.

6. Post COVID-19 customer strategy

Help you plan your customer strategy including products, services, distribution, pricing and brand positioning for post COVID-19 to help your brand lead. Your business will be ready to leap ahead of competitors in a new competitive landscape, where customers have reset their priorities.

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