Our human values are written to describe those we want to attract into our midst. If you find yourself agreeing with the values below, you’ll probably find that you’ll thrive with us and feel at home. We hope so.











You inspire others with your drive for excellence

You care passionately about the firm’s success

You think and talk strategically

You seek out great design

You believe in getting the best outcome for the client

You don’t dress up the facts

You tell it as it is

You’re respectful yet forthright

You stand up for what you believe is right

You’re able to go against the crowd

You make tough decisions and you’re able to say ‘no’

You believe in the brilliance of teams

You know that great ideas evolve through a progression of inputs

You have strong opinions yet hold them lightly

You let others build on your ideas

You respect and seek out the opinions of others

You obsess over research and apply it through a consumer’s lens

You see how data-centricity is a progression of customer-centricity

You are broadly (or acutely) knowledgeable about data, design and technology

You know what is going on in the world and contribute outside your expertise

You believe in testing and measuring everything

You share what you learn because you know that the team will be stronger

You know that ideas are easy and that doing is the hard part

You go the distance, you finish what you start

You commit to deadlines and never break them

You validate with your team and your reports

You recognise that reputations are built on people who deliver

You listen intently so you truly understand

You listen to everyone, especially those who challenge you

You’re accurate and articulate when you write and present

You remain calm and kind in stressful situations

You watch for boredom and use less words

You are driven to do things better or do things that others can’t

You have and display exemplary good judgement

You challenge prevailing norms and suggest better ways

You recognise when something doesn’t need fixing

You keep things grounded and achievable

You take smart risks; you like to win

You respect people, you listen carefully, you value expertise

You make time to guide others

You never talk behind someone’s back; if you have a beef with someone, you talk with them about it first

You’re tough on the work and kind on the person

You employ nice people who fit with our culture

You’re great to work with

You make business enjoyable – especially when the going gets tough

You’re playful and light

You celebrate winning

No-one could live and breathe the values more than our leaders

You listen intently so you truly understand

Collaboration comes naturally to smart, kind people