Genus is our graduate program. Now in its fourth year, it has become a force of nature in populating team CX Lavender with up and comers of incredible calibre. Unlike many other grad programs, Genus guarantees real jobs, salaries, training and tailored growth plans.

Mentoring that makes a difference.

Our Genus grads are closely mentored by everyone up to C-suite; and hit the ground from the get-go to fast-track their progress. Upon graduation, each becomes a mentor to the next graduate intake, naturalising the uptake of Lavender values and the organic growth of authentic culture.

The freedom to fine-tune skills.

Our graduates have made their mark – already accounting for thirteen percent of our employees and growing. We’ve proudly watched Genus graduates climb from Account Executive to Senior Account Director, while others have had the opportunity to sink their teeth into multiple departments.

Growing our future leaders.

To us, our graduates aren’t just as the future of our business, but some of the greatest talent we have now. That’s why we treat them as equals. They’re well-paid, well-valued, well-heard and well-respected.

Meet our grads

"You're given the opportunity to make those mistakes and to learn and improve yourself as you move throughout the agency and interact with some really big clients."

"Being a part of the Genus program is such a great opportunity and I feel like everyone trusts me and supports me to be in that position already."

"Working with the strategy team has been so inspiring. To them, you're not just a grad, you're an essential cog in the machine."

"I studied art history, so I had no idea how that would translate into a career in the real world. But Genus helped me find my sweet spot."

"One of the things I like most about lavender is I the fact that got to work across departments and you get exposure to lots of different people."

"I started in business management and I then since have moved up to be a copywriter. It's been really incredible."

"Genus pushes you to be exactly who you are – to grow in the right way."

"Designing a chat-bot is something I never imagined myself doing. It's really exciting to see the whole journey for the customer and what’s actually happening in their mind."

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