CX Creation

We help you create beautiful interactions & service experiences, injecting them with intelligence and personalisation in the places that delight customers the most.

Customer journey mapping

Cross-examining the customer experience today presents you with a bird’s eye view, so as to uncover pain-points and identify coordinates for creating the experience your customer desires.

Strategic facilitation & project management

Our expert strategists, writers and designers will work with yours to facilitate workshops, manage stakeholders and keep you on track, for any project, right through from concept to delivery.

Design strategy

Using research and design methodologies, we help you create transformative new products, services and/or experiences, then ensure integrity of concept, all the way to market.

Digital experience creation

Using your data as inspiration we co-create engagement strategies, that translate into intuitive experiences online, helping you reach customers naturally where they work, live and play.

Delivering the brand promise

We collaborate with you to assure your brand’s strategy and tone permeate deep into every layer of experience – from intelligent, digital touchpoint, to copy message, to campaign.

Lean innovation

Assembling multi-disciplinary teams fluent in design thinking, we use rapid validation and iteration to help you understand desirability, feasibility and viability of your next big innovation, fast. 

Intelligent communication programs

We help you use data to build programs that attract, engage and retain customers, growing their value over time via the power of intelligence personalisation.

Social & content ecosystems

Via a combination of social media/online data, creative design, storyboarding and film production, we help you build scientifically planned Content eco-systems that attract, engage and retain audiences.

Creating for scale & cost efficiency

Lavender Core provides efficient, scalable creative delivery that leverages everything from our human-powered studio firepower to house-built digital auto creation technology.

Your brand will sing, from intelligent, digital touchpoint, to copy message, to campaign

Story and design guilds sit shoulder-to-shoulder and collaborate organically

Members of the design guild are our guardians of perfect brand expression