Data Stewardship

We help your organisation learn quickly by sharing intuitive, visualised data, and continuously applying data understanding to optimise both customer and commercial outcomes.

Data connectivity

We collaborate with you on data strategy and architecture, connecting data sources to enable personalisation across multiple customer touch-points and within campaign and communications workflows.

Customer insights & predictive modelling

Our strategists collaborate with yours to build, test and continually optimise models that enhance your targeting, messaging, offers and channel usage, including tools to understand customer happiness and engagement.

Enhanced programmatic & content

Drawing on multiple data sources, we help you adapt and deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right context, maximising engagement and sales conversion. We also leverage analytics and AI to shape and optimise content strategy.

One-to-moment marketing

We believe that the customer journey actually starts much earlier and ends much later. Using real-time data, automation and AI we help you recognise, respond to and anticipate customer interactions; delivering to their needs for better experience and yours for commercial results.

Household & intergenerational segmentation

Beyond all the customer and messaging segmentation capabilities you would expect, we focus on understanding the dynamics within families and households, and leveraging them strategically to create competitive advantage and unique customer experiences.

Customer lifecycle & lifetime value

By understanding the likely lifetime value of your customer base we help you create a customer view of your budget, see risk and opportunity, and decide where to invest for the future.

Marketing performance management

We work with you to create real-time marketing reporting frameworks, dashboards and recommendations for test & learn, guiding you on how best to measure, track performance, optimise and adjust strategy when needed, on the fly.

It takes a special breed of creative talent to solve with data

All of our business managers are strategic thinkers

Data sensibility is trained in, from graduate level