The tried and
tested way to
improve retention.

CX Lavender has a proven method for success.

Pinpoint exactly when, where and how to spend to get the strongest customer retention results using a method refined over years working with Australia’s leading brands.

Smart and deliberate strategy.
Predict customer behaviour and develop individual, actionable plans for retention with our proven data strategy – so you know the most efficient way to keep both your customers and bottom line happy.
The 4-step method
to success:

Use customer scoring to understand and take advantage of value and retention opportunities

Address the spectrum of risk and recession attitudes using a strategic framework

Develop an iterative plan for each customer

Successfully implement a low-fi execution across a complexity of sales and service channels

End-to-end capability.
From insight to execution, your business will have the continual support of our knowledge, resources, and CX experience – ensuring every stage of your retention plan is built to succeed and delivers on your outcomes.
Proven results for
leading brands.
We’ve helped a number of Australia’s leading brands develop and implement customer retention strategies, including Telstra, Westpac, American Express, RAA and more.

For Telstra, this involved the creation of a check-in service that used data modelling to create hyper-personalised plans for every customer – showing staff exactly what products to suggest, what offers to give, and what budget would best help with their recovery. It effectively solved Telstra’s low NPS problem and improved customer loyalty across the board.
You can read more about our customer retention strategies in this article for CMO Australia, written by our Business Performance Partner, Linda O’Grady.
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