We're led by a diverse team of highly credentialed, decent people who believe in their work, each other and putting the customer first.

Will Lavender


Will is the agency's founder. He established CX Lavender in 1997, with an absolute focus on the customer.

21 years on, 'The customer is our true north' remains the inspiration for CX Lavender's talented team.

Will is known for his passion for excellence and a track record in driving market-share shifting strategy.

Clint Bauer

Partner, Head of Technology

Clint is one of Australia's foremost experts in the design, development and integration of data driven enterprise business systems and applications, that deliver unparalleled performance and customer experience across all touchpoints.

He's worked internationally – developing award winning, global technology solutions, and SaaS products. Clint is passionate about innovation and leads CX Lavender’s Research and Development efforts.

Ryan Stubna

Associate Partner, Executive Creative Director

Ryan's well-versed in the craft and function of creativity; and manages delivery of seamless customer experiences across all media.

His two-decade-long career has seen him fulfil roles as Creative Director at Leo Burnett South Korea for McDonald's.

Before a move back to Melbourne as Creative Lead on Global Motorsport.

Anna Karena

Chief Creative Officer

With a heritage in copywriting, Anna is a master of both message and the modern digital landscape within which it dwells.

She has more than 40 local and international creative awards and is a globally recognised creative leader.

She is also the B&T 2018 Woman in Media of the Year, for Creative.

Linda O'Grady

Business Partner, Data Strategy Partner

A master businesswoman with an impressive list of accomplishments. 

Having founded, run and sold two of her own businesses, Linda brings deep insight into business growth and management.

Prior to this, Linda oversaw the strategic transformation of Woolworths Liquor and has more recently expanded the capabilities here at CX Lavender.

Damian Sharpley

Strategy Partner

Damian operates at the cross-section of strategy, design and creativity – helping businesses to connect with customers to drive mutual, sustainable value.

He is masterful at recognising problems and solving them through imaginative experiences that move people, and their markets.

Tess Lavender

Tess founded CX Lavender's graduate program, Genus

Tess has worked with marquee companies including Australisian Media Controller, Unilever & Partner and Beck & Call Media Consultancy.

Her expertise in people, culture and management allows her to effectively nurture CX Lavender's future talent.